Frequently Asked Questions

The unique properties of the UL-Series Laser modules include a compact anodized aluminum body, fine adjustable focus, clean beam, low divergence, high boresight accuracy, and industrial strength.

Yes, all UL-Series lasers can be customized to add a circular beam profile and TTL modulation. Please contact us for any custom requirements.

The applications of the UL5-1G-670 Laser Diode Module include measurement, automation, and alignment.

Yes, there is a one-year limited warranty for the UL5-1G-670 Laser Diode Module. However, disassembly, modifications, or damage due to abuse or misapplication are not covered under warranty.

The specifications of the UL5-1G-670 Laser Diode Module include an optical wavelength of 670 nm, optical output power of less than 1 mW, laser power stability of less than 1%, and laser class 2 operation.

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