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Ideal for short-reach high capacity data-links in data-center and/or metro configurations. With 4x 5nm spaced channels at 1310nm. The module contains Clock-Data Recover (CDR) circuitry on transmit and receive side and an optical mux/demux. To facilitate easy control and access in the lab we (optionally) provide this product with ...
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Coherent communications is the standard for long distance data transmission. The 100G CFP is an advanced communications module in CFP form-factor, including the full transmit and receive chain, as well as an integrated DSP. The module has 10x10G electrical input and output channels and advanced digital controls. The combined 100G ...
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The Necsel Laser Neon is a turn key system with benefits that surpass LED or lamp-based lighting. With a laser lifetime of 10+ years without failure or color shift and 10W of white light, Laser Neon is a versatile and reliable lighting source.
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The Fast FBG Sensing Interrogator Module is based on the semiconductor DBR laser technology and is designed and manufactured with AO’s advanced calibration software, hardware, and firmware technologies. The FBG sensing systems offer high accuracy and stability, as well as up to 8 kHz speed and an 40 nm wavelength ...
  • Repeatbility: 2 pm 
  • Optical Channel: 1 to 16 
  • Sweep Frequency: 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz 
  • Spectral Range: 1528 ~ 1568 nm 
  • Dynamic Range: 35 dB 
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Arcadia Optronix (AO) wavelength-swept laser is based on the semiconductor DBR laser technology and is capable of stable and rapid step-tuned sweep with single longitudinal mode emission. Designed and manufactured with AO’s advanced calibration software, hardware, and firmware technologies, the swept lasers are widely deployed ...
  • Linewidth: < 5MHz (Typ. 1 MHz) 
  • Wavelength Repeatability: +/- 2 pm (Typ. +/- 1 pm) 
  • Power - L-band: 10 mW 
  • Power - C-band: 20 mW 
  • Spectrum - L-band: ~1569 - 1609 nm 
  • ...
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Stradus® 375-60
Vortran Laser Technology, Inc
The Stradus® lasers offer high performance, low noise, very stable, high speed modulation, and excellent beam quality for demanding applications in medical, biomedical and industrial markets. Stradus® Laser Modules
  • Power: 1-60 mW
  • Wavelength: 375 nm
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Nephrolux® is Pranalytica’s ammonia sensor for noninvasive diagnostics of kidney disorder and malfunction in human patients. When an individual suffers kidney disorder, the level of urea nitrogen and creatinine in the blood of the individual rises. Traditional techniques for determining the blood urea nitrogen ...
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Nitrolux® -S is Pranalytica ambient level ammonia sensor designed for measurement of ammonia concentrations near the sources of ammonia emanations such agricultural and animal farms. The Nitrolux® -S is compact, lightweight semiconductor laser based ammonia sensor that has a very low electrical power ...
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Nitrolux® -100 is Pranalytica’s flagship ambient level atmospheric ammonia sensor in Pranalytica’s Nitrolux® sensor family that provides a guaranteed sensitivity of 100 parts-per-trillion (ppt) for ammonia detection. The underlying measurement technology assures that normally occurring trace gas interferents ...
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