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TMC-USB series products are PC- and controlling card-based total solution of motion control systems which meet the requirements of multi-dimension motions and multi-type motor usage. They are full of characteristics of being operated with kinds of motors and providing high flexibility to combination of multi-axis. The standard ...
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CSMIO/IP-M is a CNC 4-axis motion controller. In combination with a PC and control software (simCNC, Mach3, Mach4) it is an ideal system for CNC machines control.
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The Ealing USB Motor Controller is an electronic device used to control and drive up to two small DC servo motors, typically used in ultra-precision positioning systems with resolutions of less than one micron. The USB Motor Controller is easy to operate, can be connected directly to the USB port of a PC, and no additional power ...
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Motorized Gripper X-GLP040B-E03
Zaber Technologies - Vancouver, BC
Zaber\'s X-GLP-E Series are computer-controlled electric grippers with motor-mounted encoders. They are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 24 V power supply. The motor encoder allows for closed-loop operation, detecting when the fingers have gripped an object and providing feedback about the object\'s size. An indexed knob ...


Control Mode: Motorized
Microstep Size (default Resolution): 0.248046874 um
Built-in Controller: Yes
Repeatability: <4 um
Backlash: <40 um
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