Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is FindLight?

  2. FindLight is a Silicon Valley based start-up aimed to become the ultimate one-stop shop for all photonics-related products. We offer an all new way to search for and find these products by providing a vast catalog that, with our industry-specific technical filters, allow specialists to search, find, and learn about the products they need, all within seconds from anywhere in the world.

  3. How does it work?

  4. Easy! We invite photonics vendors from all across the globe to create an account on our website and post all of their products. Then, interested buyers in the market for photonics products come to FindLight and search from amongst a myriad of products, all in one convenient place!

  5. Do you transact directly on FindLight?

  6. No. We allow interested buyers to reach out to the vendor directly with a single click of a button.

  7. I'm a Photonics Vendor. Why post on FindLight?

  8. Exposure. By posting your products on FindLight you effectively leverage your product marketing by allowing your products to reach a wider audience from anywhere on the globe.

  9. Ok, so how do I post on FindLight then?

  10. We have made a step by step tutorial for how to post products on FindLight in the following video:

  11. I’m a buyer shopping for Photonics. Why use FindLight?

  12. For a few reasons:

    Finding Companies: FindLight combines and condenses key companies offering suitable products into one manageable search location. 

    Solicitation for Quotes: FindLight sends your product quote request to multiple vendors if needed to get the best product meeting your requirements. 

    Data Compilation: We collect all product data to save you the time and energy.

    Comparative Analysis: We have engineered a program that compares product technical specifications using built-in “smart” filters.

    Risk Reduction: No more falling into the trap of skillful salesmen and/or being a victim of first-degree price discrimination.

    Accurate Representation: Product review and rating (coming soon!) provides access to real reviews from real users around the world. Traditionally a customer is limited to the reference list provided by the salesman of the company.

  13. Okay, so how do I get the most out of using FindLight?

  14. We have made a step by step tutorial explaining how to get the most out of using FindLight in the following video: