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Motor Controller

TMC-USB series products are PC- and controlling card-based total solution of motion control systems which meet the requirements of multi-dimension motions and multi-type motor usage. They are full of characteristics of being operated with kinds of motors and providing high flexibility to combination of multi-axis. The standard ...
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CSMIO/IP-M is a CNC 4-axis motion controller. In combination with a PC and control software (simCNC, Mach3, Mach4) it is an ideal system for CNC machines control.
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The Ealing USB Motor Controller is an electronic device used to control and drive up to two small DC servo motors, typically used in ultra-precision positioning systems with resolutions of less than one micron. The USB Motor Controller is easy to operate, can be connected directly to the USB port of a PC, and no additional power ...
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A motor controller is a device that governs the predetermined performance of an electric motor. They are intended for use with motors in motion control applications. Motor controllers operate by taking low current and low voltage input signal and driving a motor with higher voltages and currents. This gives them the ability to control actions such as starting or stopping a motor, selecting forward or reverse rotation, regulating speed, along with several other commands. Because all electric motors require some sort of controller, these devices have been designed to operate with differing features depending on the task that the motor will perform.