Frequently Asked Questions

The CNC control software installed on a PC converts g-codes into motion trajectory and sends it to the CSMIO/IP-M controller via a network connection. The controller generates a step/dir signal for all axes based on the trajectory.

The ethernet connection provides operation stability, reliable and fast transmission, and galvanic isolation. The controller is easy to install, does not require external electronics, and has optically isolated and protected inputs/outputs. It is also compatible with popular control software and supports both stepper and servo drives.

The high-quality step/dir signal and data buffer in the CSMIO/IP-M controller ensure smooth and precise motor movement. The buffer allows uninterrupted operation even in case of temporary network or software issues.

Yes, the controller supports one slave axis without gantry geometry correction.

Yes, the controller has its own safety system consisting of independent algorithms and watchdogs that constantly monitor the safety of the user and the machine.

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