• NIRQuest Spectrometers by Ocean Optics

    Low-noise electronics & various gratings make NIRQuest the best choice for modular NIR spectroscopy
  • Deformable Mirror Hex-111-X

    State of the art deformable mirrors for astronomy and imaging applications...
  • C-Band Booster EDFA by Connet Laser

    C-band booster - Er-doped fiber amplifier designed for optical distribution systems...
  • Wedge-XB-1572nm Compact Nanosecond Laser

    With more than 1mJ at 1.5um and1.5ns pulse, Wedge is ideal for spectroscopic applications and LIDAR
  • DUV LED High Irradiance Array

    These high-intensity SMD modules can be custom designed for an array of configurations...


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  • HORIBA Scientific provides research grade scanning monochromators & OEM monochromator gratings.
  • RMI Laser is a marking laser company with nearly 20 years of experience as an industry pioneer.
  • FYLA rises from the merger of leading industrial group and world renounced research group...
  • Photon Control - leader in precision measurement solutions
  • Micron Optics - enabling sensing, imaging & telecommunications industries...