• WinCamD Series UV Converter

    UV converter by DataRay Inc used in light source diagnostic applications.
  • PRONTO-6K High Power Probes With Touch Screen Controls

    Gentec Electro-Optics is specialized in laser beam and terahertz source ...
  • Fiber Optic ATR-Probe for Harsh Environment (Diamond ATR)

    This is a Fiber Optic ATR-Probe designed specifically for harsh environments ...
  • UCH5-10G-635-25 Red Cross Line Laser Module

    UCH Series Red Cross Line Laser Module is fully self contained with integrated laser driver, ...


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  • Gentec-EO - world's leaders in laser photodetectors and power meters
  • Connet Laser is a leading supplier of fiber lasers
  • RPMC Lasers is a leading supplier of DPSS, diode, fiber and ultrafast lasers