• BEAMAGE-3.0-IR - CMOS Profiling Cameras

    About Gentec-EO: Gentec Electro-Optics is specialized in laser beam and terahertz source ...
  • GaiaField Pro Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

    GaiaField-Pro (GFP) is a Hyperspectral Imaging Camera. It is capable of providing extremely ...
  • E03 Lab-Scale Electrospinning Machine

    E03 series electrospinning machines by Qingzi Nano
  • Nexgen Ultra Compact Laser Marking Machine

    Nexgen is an Ultra Compact Laser Marking Machine - the smallest fiber laser marking (engraving) ...
  • WinCamD-LCM - CMOS Based Beam Profiler

    DataRay Innovation: The company that brought you the first Windows‐based CCD beam ...


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  • Gentec-EO - world's leaders in laser photodetectors and power meters
  • DataRay Inc. - leaders in laser beam profiling solutions
  • Providing you the best selection of standard and custom laser systems and diode solutions
  • Photon etc. designs and manufactures cutting-edge imaging and analysis systems...
  • art photonics is a global leader in specialty fiber products and custom solutions