• X-ray Analytical Microscope

    There is no sample preparation or vacuum required, the object is simply placed in the sample chamber
  • 50mm PE Coded Analyst Hollow Cathode Lamp

    The Heraeus hollow cathode lamp product range comprises 70 single-element lamps...
  • Combining Innovative Seed Lasers With Solid State Laser Amplifiers

    neoLASE developed a new MOPA system for gravitational wave detection, atom cooling or biophotonics.
  • Deformable Mirror 492-3.5

    The 492-DM deformable mirrors: A high performance wavefront corrector for astronomy and imaging
  • C-Band Booster EDFA by Connet Laser

    C-band booster - Er-doped fiber amplifier designed for optical distribution systems...


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  • OEwaves, Inc. transforms novel microwave photonic technologies, from concept to the marketplace...
  • Ayase provides a wide variety of laser diodes from visible to infrared...
  • Energetiq is a manufacturer of light sources enabling manufacture & analysis of nano structures...
  • Menlo Systems was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics...
  • Ocean Optics is a leading manufacturer and innovator of spectroscopic measurement technologies...