• Broadband Optical Modulator BOM-200

    The broadband electro-optic modulator design is based on BMC’s MEMS deformable mirror ...
  • Photonics Industries Lamp-Pumped UV Laser

    Ultraviolet Lamp-Pumped Laser for scientific and industrial applications...
  • Raman Spectrometer by Andor

    Andor's Raman Explorer multi-channel spectrographs are based on aberration-corrected design
  • C-Band High Power Optical Fiber Amplifier

    MARS series C optical fiber amplifier - designed for fiber sensing & nonlinear optical applications.
  • Deep Engraving and Marking Laser UF-20

    The Fiber Laser Marking Systems are ideal when your application requires higher output powers ...


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  • CMOSIS is a supplier of advanced off-the-shelf customized and full custom CMOS image sensors...
  • Connet Laser Technology develops and manufactures fiber lasers, optical fiber amplifiers and more
  • Boston Micromachines has pioneered MEMS deformable mirror technology for advanced optical control
  • neoLASE is focused on the development & manufacturing of solid state industrial laser amplifiers
  • Admesy offers a broad range of measurement instruments in all environments...