• 4-Quadrant Laser Position Sensing Detector QUAD-9-MT-E-D0

    The QUAD-4TRACK is an advanced Beam Position Measurement system. It is used with the Pulse ...
  • FlexiRay Polycrystalline IR-Fiber Cables PIR-400/500

    FlexiRay is a polycrystalline IR-Fiber Cables with a 400um core diameter. With a wide ...
  • Gentec-EO High Power Detector XLP12-3S-VP-D0

    The Gentec-EO Ultra Series UP power detector family includes thirteen series (XLP12, UP12E, ...
  • AutoScrew.LR Optical Frame Adjuster

    AotoScrew - self-locking adjuster used with optical mounts for precision adjustment


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