• 37 mm Standard Hollow Cathode Lamp

    Heraeus hollow cathode lamp product range comprises 70 single-element and 120 multi-element lamps...
  • i-Raman Pro Portable Raman Spectrometer

    i-Raman Pro is a portable Raman spectrometers powered by innovative smart spectrometer technology.
  • Vlite Hi-1000 - 532nm PIV Laser

    Vlite series PIV laser is specially designed for particle image velocimetry applications...
  • Deformable Mirror 492-3.5

    The 492-DM deformable mirrors: A high performance wavefront corrector for astronomy and imaging
  • SWIR Camera Wth Response Up To 2.35µm

    Through its advanced thermomechanical design, Xeva-2.35-320 achieves excellent performance levels...


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  • CMOSIS is a supplier of advanced off-the-shelf customized and full custom CMOS image sensors...
  • ALPhANOV acts as a technology hub for innovative project cooperation between industry and academia
  • Quantum Light Instruments - We listen to what our customers are saying and do our best to deliver...
  • Connet Laser Technology develops and manufactures fiber lasers, optical fiber amplifiers and more
  • Admesy offers a broad range of measurement instruments in all environments...