• Compact Beam Sampler

    Reflective, compact beam sampler with C-mount threads, to 200 W*
  • Gentec-EO - Energy Detector - QE95ELP-H-MB

    Gentec-EO offers QE95 series energy detectors for pulse energy measurements of up to 250J ...
  • Line Laser Profiling System - 50 mm

    The Line Laser Profiling System (LLPS) is a complete solution for analyzing line lasers ...
  • Purpl PRO - Instant Cannabis Potency Measurement

    Cannabis potency doesn\'t have to be a mystery, guess, or assumption...
  • 1.0um ASE Broadband Light Source

    VENUS series 1.0um high-stability ASE light sources of Connet use optimized Yb-doped crystals...


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  • Hellma provides spectroscopy solutions and components
  • Connet Laser is a leading supplier of fiber lasers
  • Micron Optics - enabling sensing, imaging & telecommunications industries...
  • DataRay WinCamD-LCM CMOS laser beam profiler
  • High-performance scientific instruments and analytical solutions