Empowering the future with innovative fiber optic solutions for diverse industries worldwide – OZ Optics Limited.
OZ Optics
219 Westbrook Rd
Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0 Canada
Phone: +1-613-831-0981
Corporate Headquarters
Ege Serbest Bölgesi
Akcay Caddesi No: 144/1 Nilufer Sokak No: 11
Gaziemir, Izmir Turkey
Phone: +90-232-252-3531
Turkey Sales Office
Zhejiang OZ Optics Technologies Co., Ltd.
1st Floor, Bldg-3, 289 Muyang Rd
Jiaxing, Zhejiang, 314033 China
Phone: +86-573-8222-3078 ext. 8040
China Sales Office

OZ Optics

Founded in 1985, OZ Optics Limited has become a global leader in providing innovative fiber optic solutions for various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and medical. As an award-winning supplier, we proudly serve our customers in over 60 countries with a vast array of products such as laser-to-fiber delivery components, high power components, and test equipment. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Ottawa, Izmir, and Jiaxing to ensure quality and efficiency for our clients.

We take pride in our strong commitment to research and development, leveraging our patented technology and proprietary expertise to continuously innovate and expand our offerings. Our products are built upon a foundation of quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015 certification and compliance with Telcordia specifications.

Our head office is located in Ottawa, Canada, with additional sales offices in California and China, and manufacturing facilities in Turkey and China. We work closely with our extensive network of sales representatives, distributors, and direct customer engagement to provide exceptional service and support.

At OZ Optics, our dedicated senior management team, led by President and CEO Ömür Sezerman, is committed to driving our company's growth and success. We strive to develop new customer relationships, increase sales and marketing efforts, and expand our manufacturing capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.