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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dip Probes can be manufactured for specific applications including dissolution and harsh environments.

Dip Probes are commonly used for liquids spectroscopy.

The standard specifications for Dip Probes include 0.22 NA, fiber size ranging from 200 to 600um, UV, NIR & Low Solarization wavelengths, SMA-905’s terminations, Polyurethane Furcation Tubing or PVC Monocoil cable designs, 127mm (5.0″) probe body length, passivated 316L SS probe/tip material, and a maximum temperature of 100ºC (due to Monocoil).

The optical pathlength in Dip Probes is double the physical opening of the replaceable tip.

The price range for Dip Probes varies depending on the fiber size, ranging from $540.00 to $635.00 per meter.

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