Frequently Asked Questions

The SMA500L Laser Cables are made of VIS-IR all-silica (silica/silica) step-index fiber with NA = 0.22 NA = 0.12 on request Graded-index fiber on request, SMA905 (F-SMA) connector with free-standing fiber tip, hex nut, all copper alloy parts for improved heat removal, and a squarelock, blue PVC-coated protection tube.

Yes, there are different types of SMA500L Laser Cables available with varying fiber core Ø and cable length. The type designation and order numbers are listed in the datasheet.

The integrated liquid-cooled cladding-ModeStripper is used for cladding mode removal.

The fiber centricity of the SMA500L Laser Cables is < 5 μm fiber core to ferrule.

The SMA500L Laser Cables are applicable for laser beam delivery of up to 500 W.

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