Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiRay High Power Fiber Cable HP-600 is the latest generation of High Power Fiber Cables produced for various lasers in broad spectral range.

FlexiRay HP-cables deliver much higher power compared to the similar cables in result of specialty laser fiber combination with the proprietary connector design.

The applications of FlexiRay HP-cables include Laser Welding of Metals & Plastics, Laser Cutting & Drilling, Rapid Surface Processing, Medical Laser Power Delivery, Laser Target & Rangefinder, and Laser Spectroscopy.

The features of FlexiRay HP-cables include special laser fiber structures, cool high power connectors HP-SMA and D80, flexible and robust for high power & bright laser beams, and long HP-cable life while high power density is delivered and connectors stay cool.

The Laser Power Matrix to select fiber core / connector of FlexiRay HP-cable is a chart that indicates the maximum power level for each combination of fiber core diameter and connector type.

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