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• High extinction ratios of 20dB to 30dB• Low insertion losses, typically <0.2dB• Excellent repeatability• Custom angles are available• FC/PC, SC, ST, LC, or MU, E2000 terminations available• Custom ferrule terminations available• FC/PC terminations are offered with either a rotatable ...
  • Length: As Request 
  • Termination: FC, SC, LC, MU E2000, DMI 
  • Wavelength Range: 350-2200 nm
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Did You know?

Polarization maintaining fiber cable is used where the polarization has to be maintained along the core of the fiber. It has its applications in fiber optic communications, interferometry, telecommunications, sensors and other specialized photonics utility. One of the most important things in dealing with polarization is the alignment of the specialized polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber.