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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rk-3100 Laser Power Meter can be used to measure ophthalmic, surgical, and dentistry lasers, monitor low power industrial lasers for marking and engraving, and for combustion, solar simulation, and spectroscopy applications.

The Rk-3100 Laser Power Meter features 100 µW sensitivity, fast response time, and a compact head with high damage threshold.

The Rk-3100 Laser Power Meter covers all major laser wavelengths, from UV to visible to IR. It can also accurately measure broadband sources like Xenon lamps and blackbodies.

If the pulse repetition rate is known, the Rk-3100 Laser Power Meter can divide it into the measured average power to obtain the average pulse energy in Joules.

The Rk-3100 Laser Power Meter uses a thermopile detector with a unique black absorber coating that offers both a broad, flat spectral response and tremendous power handling capability, allowing it to measure focused beams without damage.

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