Frequently Asked Questions

The UP detectors are compatible with Gentec-EO displays and PC interfaces such as STAND-S-443, MAESTRO, TUNER UNO, S-LINK-1, S-LINK-2, P-LINK (USB), M-LINK, P-LINK (RS-232), P-LINK-4 (USB), P-LINK-4 (Ethernet), V2, S-LINK-1 (Ethernet), and S-LINK-2 (Ethernet).

The UP series of laser power detectors include different cooling options such as stand alone, heat sink, fan, and water.

The UP detectors are supplied with an 1.8 m (6 ft) length flexible cable with output connection options such as DB-5 "intelligent" male connector, INTEGRA USB connector, INTEGRA RS-232 connector, BLU wireless option (no cable), BNC connector, Molex connector, and BNC/Molex connector.

The Gentec-EO Thermal Detector UP55M-500W-H12-D0 is used for laser power measurement up to 500 W.

The Gentec-EO Thermal Detector UP55M-500W-H12-D0 has a fast rise time of 2 seconds and a high damage threshold of 45 kW/cm2.

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