Frequently Asked Questions

The HP100A-50KW-GD laser power detector can measure laser beams with a maximum average power of 50 kW.

The gold reflector cone captures over 97% of incident light, optimizing accuracy and providing enhanced safety by reducing back-reflections.

Yes, the HP100A-50KW-GD is designed for military applications, offering robust performance and precise measurements for laser-based weaponry and defense systems.

Absolutely, Gentec-EO offers customization options to tailor the detector to your specific application needs, ensuring a perfect fit.

This detector is valuable in industries such as laser system manufacturing, metal cutting, research and development, industrial applications (welding, drilling, etc.), and more.

The detector continuously monitors water flow and temperature in real-time, preventing overheating and ensuring uninterrupted cooling during operation.

Each detector comes with both a DB-15 connector for use with Gentec-EO displays and a USB output for direct connection to a PC. Proprietary software is available for free to assist with data logging and analysis.

The HP100A-50KW-GD is available for order now. Contact Gentec-EO with one click to inquire.

Yes, in addition to the standard connectors, Gentec-EO offers other connector options upon request, providing flexibility for your specific setup.

Yes, the HP100A-50KW-GD is designed to handle the high intensities of small laser beams, making it versatile for various laser applications.

If your requirements go beyond the HP100A-50KW-GD, we can design and build power detectors for up to 120,000 W of continuous power, including large-scale options measuring up to 500 mm x 500 mm. Reach out to us to discuss your needs.

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