Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain support, contact your local Gentec-EO distributor or the nearest Gentec-EO office. You can also call Customer Support at (418) 651-8003 or email

The PRONTO-250-PLUS features 2 additional measurement modes: Continuous Power (CWP) mode, which measures power continuously up to 8 W, and Single Shot Energy Mode (SSE), which measures the energy of individual pulses.

These products have a calibration at 1064 nm (YAG) and a traceable wavelength correction to complete the calibrated spectral range. The PRONTO-250/250-PLUS also have an additional calibration at 10.6 µm (CO2).

The PRONTO-250 is a pocket-size power and energy meter with a built-in display that accurately measures laser power up to 250 W in only 5 seconds.

The Gentec-EO thermal power detectors carry a one-year warranty against material and/or workmanship defects when used under normal operating conditions. The lifetime warranty guarantees any PRONTO detector for its lifetime, as long as it has been returned for recalibration annually.

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