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Frequently Asked Questions

The ILT2400-UVGI-NB is used for measuring the light output from anti-microbial / germicidal / UVC disinfection systems.

The ILT2400-UVGI-NB has a measurement range of 50pA – 1mA current and 8 decades of light intensity measurements.

Yes, the ILT2400-UVGI-NB is a portable, hand-held system.

Yes, the ILT2400-UVGI-NB comes with ISO17025 accredited NIST traceable calibration at 254 nm.

The complete system package of the ILT2400-UVGI-NB includes the ILT2400 light meter, low profile sensor with internal UV filter, calibration certificate, USB Mini and Micro cables, and DataLight III comprehensive software package for Mac and PC.

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