Frequently Asked Questions

The diameter of the EEL M6 series is 6mm, making it the smallest of the standard public version modules in the Dishen Electronics EEL series.

The EEL M6 is used in signal processing, sensing and instrumentation, automation and process control, sweeping robots, testing, and measurement. It's especially indispensable in the automation industry.

The EEL M6 is suitable for portable products, offers high optical energy density for more accurate measurements, has a beam size of less than 1mm, and a narrow range of PTP variation.

The EEL M6 operates between 3-4mW with a peak emission wavelength of 658nm.

Yes, the laser diode is sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and surge. Measures should be taken to ground the device, wear anti-static clothing, and use ESD-protected storage. Direct eye exposure to the laser beam, even through lenses or optical fibers, can damage the eyes. It's advised to use safety goggles.

The recommended soldering temperature is less than 180°C, applied within 3 seconds, and only on the leads.

The EEL M6 features an APC (Automatic Power Control) driving circuit to regulate the optical power output.

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