Frequently Asked Questions

It is based on the mature 1.9um and 1.5um distributed feedback Bragg grating (DFB) type low-noise single frequency fiber lasers. The laser also uses nonlinear frequency conversion technology.

This laser is suitable for Cesium Atom Cooling, Cesium Atomic Clock, Rydberg Inspire, Quantum Measurement, and Cold Atomic Physics.

The linewidth is less than 20kHz.

The output polarization is linear.

The Output Power Stability (PP) is between ±1% and ±2%.

It uses the RS232 communication interface.

The PM780 output fiber type is used.

The output fiber length is more than 0.5 meters.

It can be ordered with the code 'CoSF-FC-852-B-LW-P-PZT-FA', where LW represents the linewidth, P represents the output power, PZT refers to PZT fast modulation (optional), and FA represents the FC/APC connector.

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