Frequently Asked Questions

The CoSF-R-YB-M Single Frequency Fiber Laser Module is suitable for distributed optical fiber sensing, coherent LiDAR, fiber optic hydrophone, laser spectroscopy, coherent communication, gas absorption measurement, cold atomic physics, and other scientific research.

The output power of the basic module is optional from 5mW to 200mW. Higher output power products can be provided on request.

The polarization control technology eliminates the polarization hole burning effect based on the all-fiber design, thereby achieving stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode, and ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency laser output.

The CoSF-R-YB-M Single Frequency Fiber Laser Module comes in a small sized package of 175x130x29mm.

The standard wavelength range includes 1053nm, 1064nm, 1083nm, and the optional wavelength range is 1011-1120nm.

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