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Nonlinear Compression System
Active Fiber Systems GmbH
Nonlinear compression (NC) is an elegant way to shorten the pulse duration of pulses beyond the capabilities of the employed laser gain medium. It is  characterized by highest beam quality and stability, power scalability and high efficiency. In addition, the technique perfectly fi ts to AFS fiber-based ultrafast laser systems ...
  • Pulse Energy: 1.5 mJ
  • Average Power: 250 W
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The new Amonics Optical Communication Platform (AOCP-100) is designed to house up to 8 optical plug-in modules including tunable laser, optical fiber amplifier, optical power meter, variable optical attenuator, DFB laser, SLD, opticalswitch and many more. All modules are supported by Amonics. Users can control and monitor each module ...
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Amonics’ EDFA Education Kit is designed to attain the learning outcomes ofacquiring simple theoretical understanding and hand-on experience in buildingerbium-doped fiber amplifier, as well as measuring optical gain, noise figure andoptimizing Erbium-doped fiber length, with minimum fuss. Experiment procedures and manuals can be ...
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Long Foam Cutting Tools EPS Foam Milling Router Bits Ball End and Flat EndModel: Ball End and Flat End Long flute foam cutting router bits These long series foam end mill and ball nose router bits are widely used with robot milling machine and huge CNC router which used to cut molds from EPS foam, polyurethane ...
  • Model: Long flute foam cutting router bits 
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Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Knifes for Wood-turning CNC Lather Machine This CNC wood lathe knife is a new design carbide wood lathe cutter, it is used with CNC wood turning lathe machine, reduces the tool changing times greatly during one day working. This carbide lathe knife eliminates the need for frequent sharpening which is very ...
  • Model: carbide wood lathe knives 
  • Size: 20*20*150mm / 25*25*150mm 
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BT30 Plastic Tool Holder Fork Finger Clips for CNC Machines This tool change fork is the BT30 tool holder clips. It works with ATC tool magazine for clamping BT30 toolholders. It is widely used on cnc router machines like Laguna Smart Shop 2 with liquid cooling ATC, and cnc milling machine tool magazine like SUN. BT30 Tool Holder ...
  • Model: BT30 
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ISO30 Plastic Tool Finger Forks for HSD Auto Tool Changer CNC Routers ISO30 plastic tool finger also called ISO30 tool holder finger, ISO30 tool cradle, ISO30 tool holder fork, ISO30 tool grippers, ISO30 tool clips, ISO30 replacement holder.These replacement tool holder fingers are plastic forks for iso30 tool holders, the plastic ...
  • Model: iso30 
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MM Pump Laser Protector
DK Photonics Technology Limited
The Pump Laser Protector, also called Pump Protection Filter, is a passive component which allows maximum transmission from a discrete fibre-coupled pump laser diode and blocks par asitic signals around the centre wavelength of the laser from being reflected back into the laser. Depending on the fiber type of laser diode, we ...
  • Center Wavelength: 915, 975 nm
  • Operating Signal Wavelength Range: 1020-1120, 1530-1570 nm
  • Max.Optical Power: 10, 20, 30, 25, 30, 50 W
  • Min.Return Loss: 50 W
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Optizone is manufacturing and customizing isolators for Fiber Laser systems, and one of the isolators is Free Space both ends.  The Clear Aperture is from 1.6mm with polarization Insensitive type.  We are offering the isolator at lower cost and high transmission for both CW and Pulse systems.  The Power is up to 50W ...
  • Wavelength: 1030/1064/1080 nm
  • Handling Power: 10, 20, 30, 50 W
  • Clear Aperture : 1.6 mm
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Optizone is manufacturing and customizing isolators for Fiber Laser systems, and one of the isolators is Free Space both ends.  The Clear Aperture is from 1.6mm to 2.8mm with polarization Sensitive type.  We are offering the isolator at lower cost and high transmission for both CW and Pulse systems.  The Power is up to ...
  • Wavelength: 1030/1064/1080 nm
  • Handling Power: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W W
  • Clear Aperture: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.8mm mm
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We are providing the collimator mainly @ 1um center wavelength for Fiber Laser systems, it transmits lights with little loss and in a collimating way.  The output beam size could be 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, ..., and as large as 10mm depends on the fiber type and the actual application.  All the fibers could be fabricated as far ...
  • Fiber Type: SM, PM, or LMA fibers NA
  • Power Handling: 50~500 W CW
  • Max Beam Divergence Angle (Full Angle): 0.5 mrad
  • Nominal Output Beam Diameter(1/e^2): 3~10(+/-0.5) @ over 5~1000mm from Output Surface mm
  • Min. Transmission : 92~95 %
  • ...
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HSK63F cnc tool finger forks for HSK 63F tool holder clamping HSK toolholder gripper also called HSK toolholder fork, HSK tool clips, HSK cradle, HSK plastic tool holder, HSK tool holder finger, HSK tool forks etc.HSK 63F tool finger forks are widely used on HSK 63F ATC toolchangers CNC router centers. These tool changer grippers are ...
  • Color: white 
  • Model: HSK63F 
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Power Delivery Laser Cable
New Pion Fiber Tech Co.,Ltd
Power Delivery Laser Cable    D80 Laser Cable    SMA-905 Laser Cable
  • D80(Protection Tube Diameter: 8 mm
  • SM905(Protection Tube Diameter: 3-10 mm
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Cladding Power Stripper
DK Photonics Technology Limited
Cladding Power Stripper is use in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers need to be able to handle substantial optical powers. It needs to be ensured that these powers are absorbed in a sufficiently widespread region, and that the generated heat can be removed safely, without damaging the mode stripper or any surrounding ...
  • Type. Insertion Loss: 0.05 dB
  • Max. Insertion Loss : 0.20 dB
  • Center Signal Wavelength: 1030, 1064, 1080, 1550 nm
  • Operating Wavelength-Pumps: 800~1200 nm
  • Cladding Attenuation(min): 17~20 dB
  • ...
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1064nm Fiber End Caps
DK Photonics Technology Limited
Fiber end caps performance for a range of applications, including high power fiber laser, collimator’s and sealing PCF. Fiber ends caps are created by fusion splicing or laser fusing short lengths of material to the fiber end face. Fiber ends caps are required for a number of applications including the creation of ...
  • Max. Optical Power: 100, 300, 500 W
  • Max. Optical Power(Cladding): 20 W
  • Center Wavelength: 1030, 1064, 1080 nm
  • Operating Wavelength Range: ± 30 nm
  • Fiber End Cap Angle: 0~10 deg
  • ...
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ABERT-100 is an integrated Pseudo-random Bit Sequence (PRBS) generator and a Bit Error Rate receiver with a built-in module slot for either SFP+ or XFP transceivers. The PRBS outputs optical NRZ waveform with bit rate within 9.95-11.21 Gbps, with settable data pattern of 27-1, 223-1, 231-1, and a fixed 64-bit user defined pattern. An ...
  • Data Rate: 9.95 - 11.32 Gb/s
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This general purpose benchtop optical receiver is designed for high speed testing of optical network systems and components. The standard receiver unit can detect modulation frequency to 11.5GHz bandwidth. A built-in low noise pre-amp EDFA provides the required pre-amplification of incoming signal, before reaching photoreceiver. ...
  • Data Rate: 155Mb/s to 11Gb/s 
  • Input Power Level: -12dBm to -3dBm 
  • Wavelength: 1290nm to 1565nm 
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The Lightwave Converter is a high performance integrated lightwave transmitter for building turnkey digital and analog optical transmission system. By combining a high power laser, broadband lithium Niobate external modulator and high speed RF driver, the transmitter can be used for testing or virtually any kind of optical network, ...
  • Modulation Bandwidth: 5 kHz to 10 GHz 
  • Max Optical Input Power: 500 mW 
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Use Amonics’ EDFA education kit to acquire hand on experience in building erbium-doped fiber amplifier and measuring optical gain, noise figure for Erbium-doped fiber length optimization. Amonics’ EDFA education kit is fully connectorized, no fusion splicer required for making fiber connections.
  • Component #5: Optical isolators 
  • Component #6: 980nm and 1550nm division multiplexer 
  • Component #7: 1550nm optical filter 
  • Component #1: Benchtop with 980nm pump laser 
  • Component #2: C-band DFB laser 
  • ...
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The LLTF Contrast is a continuously tunable high-resolution bandpass filter that effectively converts a Fianium supercontinuum source into a widely tunable picosecond laser. The filter transmits, with high efficiency, a single laser line while blocking unwanted lines with excellent out-of-band suppression. The ...
  • Transmission Efficiency: >60% peak transmission 
  • Tunable Wavelength Range: <1000nm to >2300nm 
  • Channel Spectral Bandwidth: <5nm 
  • Number Of Channels:
  • Out-of-Band Suppression (>20nm From CWL): >60dB 
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