Frequently Asked Questions

The Amonics Optical Communication Platform is a device that can house up to 8 optical plug-in modules, including tunable laser, optical fiber amplifier, optical power meter, variable optical attenuator, DFB laser, SLD, optical switch, and more.

Users can control and monitor each module individually through the front panel LCD display and remote control via USB. Computer interface via TCP/IP ethernet will be possible.

The Optical Communication Platform is available in standard 3U mainframe casing, 485(W) x 345(D) x 132(H) mm.

The product is manufactured under a HKQAA ISO 9001 certified quality management system. The ISO 9001:2008 certification applies to the Hong Kong production site only.

Yes, other output power models are available upon request. Please contact Amonics for more information on the specifications and product codes of plug-in modules.

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