Frequently Asked Questions

The Fiber Laser Cable (QBH) features low loss, high holding power, high reflective capability, and options for water-cooling and safe-lock.

The Fiber Laser Cable (QBH) can be integrated into fiber laser devices, laser processing systems, and direct semi-fiber coupling lasers.

The available fiber types for the Fiber Laser Cable (QBH) are F1=20/400-DCF, F2=25/400-DCF, F3=30/400-DCF, F4=30/600-DCF, F5=200/240-0.22NA, F6=50/360-0.22NA, F7=100/360-0.22NA, F8=200/360-0.22NA, and F9=300/360-0.22NA.

You can contact the company for a quote by using the "REQUEST QUOTE" form on their website or by contacting them via email or phone.

The contact details for the company are as follows: Email -, Phone - +86-028-88758900 or +86-13699812260, Fax - +86-028-88758900.

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