Frequently Asked Questions

It finds applications in wind power, coherent wind LiDAR, and airborne wind LiDAR systems, as well as in coherent Doppler LiDAR, environmental monitoring, pollution detection, coherent communication or sensing, and other scientific research.

It has an eye-safe wavelength of 1550nm, narrow linewidth of 10kHz, long coherence length, low relative intensity noise (RIN) and phase noise, and single frequency, single longitudinal mode (SLM) output with high polarization extinction ratio (PER).

Some of the specifications include center wavelength of 1540-1565nm, output power of 0.5-2W, linewidth of 10-50kHz, relative intensity noise (RIN) of -145 to -130 dB/Hz, and linear polarization extinction ratio (PER) of 20-23 dB.

It is an OEM modular narrow linewidth fiber laser designed for short-range high-precision wind LiDAR applications.

The standard model utilizes polarization-maintaining fiber output with a high polarization extinction ratio (PER), delivering an output power of up to 2W.

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