Frequently Asked Questions

The laser has a single frequency, single longitudinal mode, linear polarization output, narrow linewidth (<20kHz or <5kHz), mode-hop free, low phase noise, low relative intensity noise, thermal wavelength tuning function, PZT fast modulation function, and output power in optical fiber type of up to 2W.

The RIN peak frequency of the laser is between 200kHz and 600kHz.

The Output Power Stability (PP) is between ±1% and ±2%.

The PM780 output fiber type or Free Space Output is used.

It can be ordered with the code 'CoSF-FC-780-B-LW-P-PZT-FA/COL', where LW represents the linewidth, P represents the output power, PZT refers to PZT fast modulation (optional), FA represents the FC/APC connector, and COL refers to the Free Space Output.

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