Frequently Asked Questions

The EEL M8 Laser Module is designed for industrial applications, specifically for robot obstacle avoidance, 3D measurement, and SLAM.

The EEL M8 Laser Module has a short focal length for miniaturized product designs. For adjustable features, it's best to consult the manufacturer.

The output power of the EEL M8 ranges between 0.55mW to 0.75mW.

The wavelength at peak emission for the EEL M8 is between 640nm to 660nm, with a typical value of 650nm.

The EEL M8 uses an APC (Automatic Power Control) driving circuit.

Yes, the EEL M8 Laser Module comes with a rugged stainless steel housing and a plastic lens, ensuring durability.

Ensure the die-pad portion temperature is below 160°C. It's recommended to use a heat sink on the package and keep the iron temperature below 180°C for no longer than 3 seconds.

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