Frequently Asked Questions

Micro Size Rod Lenses are used in medical endoscopes for image visualization.

Micro Size Rod Lenses provide higher brightness, contrast, and color reproduction compared to conventional lenses. They can be used in forward viewing or angled endoscopes to increase the field of view.

The Micro Size Rod Lenses can be made of N-BK7, UVFS, H-K50, H-F4, H-BAK7, H-LAF10L, N-SK15, H-ZK21, H-F1, or H-ZF4.

The Micro Size Rod Lenses have a diameter of Ø0.6mm or can be customized. They have a surface quality of 20/10~60/40 and can be coated or uncoated.

The available types of Rod Lenses include Plano-Plano, Plano-Convex, and Cemented Rod Lenses.

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