The FocusStat5 - Automatic Focus Control Systems
Focal Point Inc
Diode laser-based, confocal scanning, active, fully automatic focusing system, including servo compensation and drive electronics for lens movers.
  • Objective Lens Options: 1X, 100X
  • Focus Repeatability (full Range): -- um
  • Focus Accuracy (full Range): -- um
  • Resolution: -- um
Data Sheet
Autofocus AF910
Quantum Composers Inc.
The Quantum Composers Autofocus AF910 combines a proprietary optical configuration with flexible interface architecture to provide a robust autofocus for OEM applications utilizing infinity corrected objectives.  Includes patterned surfaces such as TFT arrays, semiconductors and PCBs. An optional interface ...
  • Objective Lens Options: 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
  • Focus Repeatability (full Range): 0.4 um
  • Focus Accuracy (full Range): 0.6 um
  • Resolution: 2.00 um
Data Sheet