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Frequently Asked Questions

The common specifications for cylinder lenses include dimensional tolerance, center thickness tolerance, substrate material (N-BK7), focal length tolerance, and surface quality.

High performance cylinder lenses have tight tolerances on tilt and wedge, higher image quality than standard cylinder lenses, and use N-BK7 substrate for broadband performance.

A cylinder lens is a portion of a cylinder, while a PCX lens is a portion of a sphere. Both lenses can focus light, but a cylinder lens magnifies in one dimension and can be used for stretching images.

A cylinder lens is used to transform a point of light into a line image, which is useful for making laser line generators.

The different coatings available for cylinder lenses can enhance their performance in specific wavelength ranges, such as MgF for 400-700nm or VIS-NIR for 400-1000nm.

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