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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PPD's beam splitters and beam splitter assemblies are environmentally stable, thus there is no spectral shift caused by either time, moisture or temperature.

PPD's beam splitters can be used for laser-line beam splitters, broadband beam splitters, beam splitter cubes, thin film plate beam splitters, plano or curved substrates, partial reflectors, output couplers, dichroic mirrors, polarizing beam splitters, and non-polarizing beam splitters.

PPD's beam splitters exhibit high damage thresholds, accuracy and repeatability, durability, low absorption, and RoHS compliance. They also have low-loss anti-reflection (AR) coatings to R < 0.1%.

PPD utilizes Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coating technology for their beam splitters and beam splitter assemblies.

PPD manufactures polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters, beam splitter cubes, dichroic laser mirrors, prism polarizers, partial reflectors, and output couplers.

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