Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MicoSpectra specializes in custom design and can provide custom manufacturing solutions for PBS + Waveplate and other optical assemblies for prototype, research, and OEM applications. Customers can contact for more information.

PBS + Waveplate can be used in various applications such as display, HD imaging, and other specific applications and markets. For more information, customers can contact MicoSpectra.

The features of PBS + Waveplate include improved gluing interface by advanced bonding processing techniques, durability, reliability, and in-house OEM and custom manufacturing solutions.

PBS + Waveplate is a product offered by MicoSpectra that combines a polarizing beam splitter (PBS) with a waveplate to provide improved gluing interface, durability, and reliability.

The surface flatness of PBS + Waveplate is less than 0.02mm.

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