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Frequently Asked Questions

Beam splitters are used to split light by polarization, energy, or wavelength.

Foreal offers both plate and cube beamsplitters.

Foreal's polarization-based beamsplitters have polarization ratios of Tp:Ts > 200:1, Tp:Ts > 500:1, Tp:Ts > 1,000:1, and Tp:Ts > 10,000:1.

Foreal's energy-based beamsplitters have transmission ratios of T/R = 20/80, T/R = 30/70, T/R = 40/60, and T/R = 50/50.

Foreal's wavelength-based beamsplitters have average transmission (Tavg) greater than 90% and average reflection (Ravg) greater than 99% at an angle of incidence (AOI) of 45 degrees.

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