Frequently Asked Questions

The CR3000AH-905-50M has an active diameter of 3mm, providing a large area for efficient light detection and improved sensitivity.

The CR3000AH-905-50M supports a wavelength range of 400~1100nm, enabling it to detect light in both visible and near-infrared regions.

Yes, absolutely! The CR3000AH-905-50M is specifically designed for laser range finding applications, offering high-speed and accurate light detection.

No, it doesn't. This photodiode features a built-in APD and TIA, eliminating the need for additional external components and simplifying system design.

Yes, it is. The photodiode is designed with high reliability and a TO8 package with a flat window, making it suitable for robust operation in outdoor environments.

The CR3000AH-905-50M is used for high-speed, ultra-low light detection applications such as laser range finding, LIDAR, and free space optical communication (FSO).

The key features of the CR3000AH-905-50M include its integrated 3mm SI Avalanche Photodiode (APD) and Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), high sensitivity of ≥600kV/W, high bandwidth of 50MHz, wide wavelength range of 400~1100nm, low noise and high reliability.

The CR3000AH-905-50M has a sensitivity of ≥600kV/W, allowing it to detect ultra-low light signals with precision and accuracy.

The CR3000AH-905-50M has a bandwidth of 50MHz, enabling fast signal processing and real-time detection.

The CR3000AH-905-50M is suitable for applications such as LIDAR, laser range finding, and free space optical communication (FSO).

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