ILT5000 SED240-ACT5-W Research Germicidal Light and Optical Radiation Hazard Measurement System
International Light Technologies
Anti-Microbial & UV DisinfectionJUMP TO PRODUCT TABLE ›ILT offers anti-microbial radiometer systems for testing effective germicidal ultraviolet irradiance for most short wave UV (\"UV-C\") sources including ozone producing and non-ozone producing, low and medium pressure mercury lamps, xenon lamps and UV LEDs. ILT sensors come ...
  • Vmax (VDC): -- Volts
  • Pmax: -- mW
  • Spectral Range: 235 - 307 nm
  • Peak Responsivity: 270 nm
  • Response Time (rise): -- ms
Data Sheet
Quick Response Photoconductive Cell
Shenzhen Oande optical&electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Measuring Conditions 1. Light resistance: Measured at 10 Lux with standard light A (2854K color temperature) and 2hr illumination at 400-600 lux prior to testing.2. Dark Resistance:Measured 10 senconds after closed 10 lux.3. Gamma Characteristic: Between 10 lux ande 100 lux and given by γ  =  lg(R10/R100). R10,R100 Cell ...
  • Vmax (VDC): 250 Volts
  • Pmax: 200 mW
  • Spectral Range: 400 - 800 nm
  • Peak Responsivity: 540 nm
  • Response Time (rise): 20 ms
Data Sheet