Frequently Asked Questions

The 500μm InGaAs APD Preamplifier Module has a wavelength range of 1100 to 1700nm, allowing it to detect light within this spectrum for various applications.

Yes, the 500μm InGaAs APD Preamplifier Module is well-suited for LIDAR applications. Its ability to detect reflected light enables accurate distance measurements, making it ideal for LIDAR systems.

Yes, the module is designed to deliver low noise performance. This minimizes interference, ensuring precise and reliable detection of optical signals even in environments with high noise levels.

The module is housed in a TO8 package with a flat window. This package provides efficient optical coupling, protects the internal components, and maintains a compact form factor for easy integration.

The module is designed for high-speed, ultra-low light detection in applications such as laser range finding, LIDAR, and free space communication.

The module offers high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, and a broad wavelength range. It also has low noise characteristics and a compact design.

The module has a sensitivity of at least 250kV/W, allowing it to detect extremely low light levels.

The module has a high bandwidth of 70MHz, enabling rapid signal acquisition and processing.

The module covers a wavelength range of 1100 to 1700nm, providing versatility in different optical sensing applications.

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