Frequently Asked Questions

The VaryDisk NANO 100 UV is a compact, high-power pulsed disk laser that emits ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 343 nm. It's designed for precision applications in industrial and scientific domains, where the unique properties of UV light are essential.

The VaryDisk NANO 100 UV laser features a 343 nm wavelength, an average power output of 25 W, pulse energy of up to 2.5 mJ, a pulse duration of 15 ns or less, a repetition rate of 10 kHz, and a high beam quality with an M² value of less than 1.5.

This UV laser is ideal for tasks requiring high precision and fine processing, such as semiconductor processing, thin film modifications, advanced material research, and applications that benefit from the specific interactions of UV light with materials.

An external water chiller is necessary for cooling the system, which can be supplied along with the laser.

The near-diffraction-limited beam quality, indicated by an M² value of less than 1.5, ensures focused, precise, and efficient material interactions, which is particularly beneficial for the fine processing capabilities required in UV laser applications.

Yes, the laser is designed with user integration in mind, featuring a 30 mm cage system for direct attachment and fully integrated electronics, making it easy to incorporate into various setups without the need for an external electronics compartment.

It operates on a 230 V, 10 A, 50 Hz power supply, with a power consumption of 700 W. Cooling requires a water flow of 4 l/min at a temperature of 20 °C to ensure the laser operates within the optimal temperature range.

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