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Frequently Asked Questions

A double-concave lens and a plano-concave lens are similar in that they both diverge a collimated beam to a virtual focus like a beam expander. However, a double-concave lens has two concave surfaces while a plano-concave lens has one flat and one concave surface.

A double-concave lens is commonly used in laser optics, metrology, industrial applications, and OEM.

A double-concave lens is composed of two concave surfaces and has a negative focal length. It is best used to diverge a converging beam.

The surface quality of a double-concave lens ranges from 20-10, and the surface figure is λ/10 at 633nm.

A double-concave lens can be made from various materials such as BK7, fused silica, Ge, Si, CaF2, etc.

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