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Frequently Asked Questions

Near-Index-Match™ (NIM™) optics are a type of refractive aspherical diffractive elements and hybrids that can have aspheric or diffractive surfaces at the interface of two materials. They greatly reduce the cost to master or directly machine the boundary surface and have much looser tolerances compared with aspheric or diffractive surfaces interfaced with air.

NIM™ optics can be used for achromatization, athermalization, beam shaping, aberration compensation, null test plates for optical testing, collimation, and laser diode circularization.

NIM™ optics can be made in various elements, including plano-plano, plano-convex, plano-concave, meniscus, biconvex, biconcave, and refractive microlens arrays.

NIM™ optics have continuous relief diffractive surfaces, with diffractive layers buried beneath a continuous exterior. They also have aspheric OPDs of 10 - 100 μm.

NIM™ optics have an nf/# of f/1 and slower, a diameter of 3 mm to 100mm, and can be made with plastics or optical glasses as substrates. They are accurate to 2 waves in power and have an irregularity of <0.25 wave, rms.

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