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Frequently Asked Questions

Aspherical and diffractive optical components are specialized lenses used in various applications such as imaging, laser processing, and telecommunications. They are designed to correct aberrations and improve optical performance.

Diamond turning is a precision machining process that uses a diamond-tipped cutting tool to produce highly accurate and complex shapes on a variety of materials. It is important in manufacturing aspherical and diffractive optical components because it allows for the production of complex shapes with high precision and accuracy.

Novotech is an industry leader in the manufacturing of complex optical shapes and configurations using diamond turning machines. We offer world-class quality at affordable prices.

Novotech is ISO certified and follows a strict quality assurance policy to ensure the highest level of quality for our products. We use advanced metrology equipment to measure and verify the accuracy of our components.

Aspherical and diffractive optical components are used in a wide range of applications such as laser processing, telecommunications, medical devices, and scientific instruments. They can improve optical performance and reduce aberrations in these applications.

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