Frequently Asked Questions

The Nd:Ce:YAG laser rod is widely used in laser range finders and laser medical instruments.

The Nd:Ce:YAG laser rod has high efficiency, low threshold, good anti-ultraviolet radiation, and good thermal stability.

The specifications include concentration of Nd: 0.1-1.4at% and Ce: 0.05-0.1at%, orientation of <111>±5°, wavefront distortion of ≤0.1λ/inch, and extinction ratio of ≥25dB.

The Nd:Ce:YAG laser rod can be customized in different sizes (diameter ≤50mm, length ≤150mm) and can be machined into rods, slabs, and discs.

The Nd:Ce:YAG laser rod has a damage threshold of ≥5J/cm2 at 1064nm, 10ns, 10Hz.

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