BaF2 Crystal by GB Group
GB group, Inc.
Single crystals of Barium Fluoride( BaF2 ) is a good optical crystals. Its transmission range is from the into the Infrared. It is also a excellent scintillation materials.
  • Radiation Length: 210 mm
  • Decay Time Constant: N/A ns
  • Emission Peak: N/A nm
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Bismuth germinate BGO( Bi4Ge3O12 ), is the crystalline form of an inorganic oxide with cubic eulytine structure, colorless, transparent and insoluble in water. When exposed to the irradiation of high energy particles or other sources, such as gamma-rays, X-rays, it emits a green fluorescent light with a peak wavelength of 480nm. ...
  • Radiation Length: 11.2 mm
  • Decay Time Constant: 300 ns
  • Emission Peak: 480 nm
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LYSO Crystal,Cerium-doped lutetium yttrium oxyorthosilicate crystal ((Lu,Y)2SiO5:Ce, namely LYSO:Ce), is colorless and transparent, characterized by monoclinic structure. LYSO not only has excellent scintillation properties such as high light output, short decay time, high density and radiation hardness; but also has its emission ...
  • Radiation Length: 11.4 mm
  • Decay Time Constant: 42 ns
  • Emission Peak: 420 nm
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