Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber Bragg gratings are basic components for a wide range of applications in the areas of telecommunications, lasers and sensors.

The FBG Wavelength Locker is used to stabilize the wavelength and intensity of optical amplifier pump laser.

Some key features of the FBG Wavelength Locker include high wavelength locking accuracy, extremely low temperature dependence, low polarization dependence, and periodical locking that covers all channels.

Some applications for the FBG Wavelength Locker include EDFA pump lasers, DFB lasers stabilization for WDM systems, laser stabilization for tunable laser module, and Raman system in-fiber resonators.

Some specifications for the FBG Wavelength Locker include a center wavelength range of 940,972-978,1064,1070 nm, wavelength tolerance of +/-0.25 nm, reflectivity of >1%, and bandwidth (FWHM) of >0.02 nm.

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