Frequently Asked Questions

The sensor has a simple structure, is non-contact, highly reliable, and offers high precision and measurable parameters. It also has a fast response time and flexible and varied forms.

The sensor is miniaturized, allows for long-distance detection, is resistant to high temperatures and high voltages, and is cylindrical and easy to install. It also has an all-metal encapsulation for collision protection and a high protection grade.

The sensor is widely used in automatic detection technology. It serves as the theoretical basis for a photoelectric effect and can be used in various devices made of photoelectric materials.

Yes, we have other recommended products such as the M6 coaxial optical fiber sensor, M6 diffuse reflection optical fiber sensor, M4 diffuse reflection optical fiber sensor, and M3 through-beam optical fiber sensor.

The datasheet for the M3 M4 M6 optical fiber sensor can be found under the following product codes: TX-RA/A-320L, TX-RA/B-320, TX-RA/B-320L, TX-RB/B-320, TX-RA/A-320, TX-RB/B-320L, TX-TD-320, and TX-TB-320.

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