Frequently Asked Questions

The Multistrand POF cable is certified with UL, RoHS, and Reach certifications.

The Multistrand POF cable has features such as better anti-crunch, anti-stretch, anti-grinding, and anti-aging performances. It also has a unique loose jacket for easy peeling off and creates varied multi-strand cable end-lighting effects.

The Multistrand POF cable is suitable for applications such as star effect lighting for ceilings and swimming pool bottoms, artistic adornment in graphical and 3D artistic design, museum showcases and jewelry display, lighting in dangerous places like oil depots, interior fiber optic light decoration in entertainment venues, decorative lighting in parks and fairgrounds, and underground lighting.

The Multistrand POF cable can operate within a temperature range of -50℃ to +70℃.

The outer diameter of the Multistrand POF cable varies depending on the product code, ranging from 3.0mm to 15.0mm. The jacketing material is black PVC for most products, while some have a transparent PVC jacket.

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