Frequently Asked Questions

It is a specialty fiber cable that transmits IR-radiation in the range of 1.5 - 6μm.

Chalcogenide glasses are made up of chalcogen elements such as selenium, sulfur, and tellurium, and offer useful physical characteristics including low optical loss transmission in the mid-IR and far IR wavelength regions.

Chalcogenide IR-Fiber Cables offer high transmittance from 1.5μm to 6μm, optical losses of 0.2 dB/m at 2 - 4 μm, double polymer coating for high flexibility, and standard fiber diameters from 8 to 500µm.

Chalcogenide IR-Fiber Cables CIR-350/400 have found applications in flexible IR-imaging systems, fiber amplifiers and lasers, remote non-contact pyrometry in the 200-600K range, and fiber probes for remote process IR-spectroscopy.

Several different models of Chalcogenide IR-Fiber Cables with different cladding and core diameters are available. Please inquire for more info and pricing.

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