Frequently Asked Questions

The product is a duplex POF cable with a dimension of 2.2mm * 4.4mm. It has low attenuation imported fiber core and connectors, making it suitable for industrial control applications.

The patch cords have anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation properties. They also offer good flexibility, anti-vibration capabilities, and ensure zero bit error rate transmission in any case. Additionally, they can withstand high and low temperatures (-40 to 70 degrees).

Yes, the patch cords are easy to install and do not require maintenance.

Yes, the plastic optical fiber used in the patch cords is not conductive, allowing them to share the power transmission pipeline for long-range power supply.

The patch cords are suitable for various applications including data transmission and industrial automation, bus systems, industrial robots, intelligent systems, servo systems, communication exchange systems, digital multimedia systems, medical sensing systems, and power systems.

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