Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiRay High Power Fiber Cable HP-100 is a latest generation high power fiber cable produced for various lasers in broad spectral range.

FlexiRay HP-cables deliver much higher power compared to the similar cables in result of specialty laser fiber combination with the proprietary connector design.

The applications of FlexiRay HP-cables include laser welding of metals and plastics, laser cutting and drilling, rapid surface processing, medical laser power delivery, laser target and rangefinder, and laser spectroscopy.

The specifications of FlexiRay HP-cables include fiber core diameter, fiber core material, fiber cladding, protective jacket material, standard NA, cable length, high power connectors, and core shape.

The laser power matrix to select fiber core/connector of FlexiRay HP-cable includes fiber core diameter, HP-SMA connector, and D80 connector.

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