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Frequently Asked Questions

The CAS 140CT Array Spectrometer is used for a wide range of applications, including production testing and reference measurements in national laboratories.

Yes, the CAS 140CT spectrometer is exceptionally stable and durable, even when used continuously in rugged manufacturing environments.

The CAS 140CT spectrometer can be quickly and conveniently joined to a comprehensive range of measurement adapters using fiber-optic connectors.

The CAS 140CT spectrometer is factory-equipped with a USB interface, allowing it to be operated with any notebook. An optionally available PCI interface offers extended triggering possibilities.

The key features of the CAS 140CT spectrometer include model variants up to 2150 nm, a cooled detector up to -20°C, an integral density filter wheel, and the ability to permit extremely long integration times. It also comes with the SpecWin Pro spectral software and offers additional stray light correction as an optional feature.

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