Frequently Asked Questions

The MCS FLEX can be used for thickness measurements of thin layers, chemical analyses, characterization of light sources, and deployment as HPLC detectors. It is ideal for process and quality control, monitoring, or calibration.

The MCS FLEX CCD Multichannel Spectrometer is a device that employs an imaging grating, an optical input, and a CCD or PDA sensor array for light dispersion and imaging.

The MCS FLEX CCD covers a spectral range of 190-980 nm, while the MCS FLEX PDA covers a spectral range of 190-1015 nm.

The spectral pixel pitch of the MCS FLEX is 0.8 nm/pixel, which enables a spectral resolution of better than 3 nm.

The temperature-induced drift of the MCS FLEX is less than 0.5 pm/K.

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