Turbo FT™: Fast Portable Spectral Sensors
D&P Instruments
This compact field and industrial instrument is used for both ground based and airborne applications requiring high speed spectrometry, and utilizes our patented Turbo FT™ technology. Applications in remote sensing for geological mapping, airborne chemical agent detection, and online process control systems. Our rugged and compact ...
  • Spectral Range: 5000 - 16000 nm
  • Optical Resolution (FWHM): 10 nm
  • Luminance Measurement Range: 00 - 00 cd/m^2
Data Sheet
The Atlas 2D imaging system is the ultimate 2D imaging CCD combined with a spectrophotometer. The Atlas combines two fundamentally different devices in one solution giving it unprecedented capabilities and flexibility. Because of the software the operation of the Atlas is very user-friendly.  
  • Spectral Range: 380 - 780 nm
  • Optical Resolution (FWHM): 2.3 nm
  • Luminance Measurement Range: 0.01 - 25000 cd/m^2
Data Sheet

Did You know?

A colorimeter is a device that measures the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution. A spectrometer, on the other hand, is a scientific instrument used to split light into a spectrum in order to produce spectral lines and measure the resulting wavelength intensities. An imaging colorimeter and spectrometer is a device that allows for spectrally resolved colorimetry measurements, as it effectively combines the technology of camera imaging based on colorimeters and spectrometers. By combining two fundamentally different devices, this technology offers unprecedented capabilities and flexibility.